It is a question about a possibility for me to come to the Museum National of Colombia for a "Taller de Miniaturas" = Lecture and lessons about "the Antique Technique of the miniature".

Monday, Sep. 6. 2004

Museo Nacional de Colombia - Curaduría de Arte e Historia

Mrs. Marisa Schmitt - Viassone

Dear Mrs.:

I should like to inform you that since February of this year I am the administrator for Art and History of the Museum National of Colombia, because the maestra Beatriz González is retired.

As you know the Museum has a Gabinete de Miniaturas where the works are always in rotation: like a parallel activity to the next rotation I should like to present the public visitors in November, how is made a miniature.

I have inquired but here in the country there is nobody who knows this technique, and for this I should like cordial to invite you, if it is possible, to be the one who makes the Taller.

Unfortunately we cannot pay the travel but if you in the next months have the intention to come to Colombia, I should like to count on your experience in this field.

I thank you in advance if you can offer us your collaboration and I wait for an answer


Cristina Lleras Figueroa
Administrator of Art and History
Museo Nacional de Colombia