After this the outlines of the figure can be painted with a fine brush and the appropriate colours. After finishing the outlines, where especially the expression of the eyes has to be accurate, the background can be started with. Therefore a brush size 5 or 6 is often used.

To achieve a blending of the different colours of the background, a gentle breeze is blown over the colours with a metal or plastic breathalyser. Thanks to the heat and humidity of the breath the colours can be wiped out with a brush size 6-8. The result is a nicely blended background colour. Now, the colours have to dry, before, with the same technique, skin, face and clothing can be painted.

After that you can start with the "Riunitura".

This is the antique painting technique for miniatures. Thousands of dots and commas are put so close together, that they shape clothing folds shadows on the face, etc.

"Riunitura" is Italian and means "to bringing the colour together"

These dots and commas are made with a brush size 0-1 resulting in a perfect blend of the different colours.