Because I still possessed the pre-drawings at home, I succeeded in 1993, under the new director, Mrs. Elvira Cuervo de Jaramillo , in proving that these were copies manufactured by me, and not originals by Espinosa Prieto.(3)

Now the museum has acknowledged these paintings and honoured me with four pages in the new exhibition-catalogue. At that time I learned all about the stories of my miniatures, and how they came to the museum as originals form Espinosa Prieto.

A rich woman from Bogota, Mrs. Ivy de Suares, had bought the two miniatures in New York at the House Parke Bernet art dealer in 1965. Bustillo had sold a lot of art there, also my work.

1967 Mrs. De Suares donated these "originals" to the museum. In 1994 I donated another miniature by Siṃn Bolivar. Now there are three miniatures by me exhibited there. In the meantime new rooms were opened in the Museum Nacional de Colombia and a wonderful "Cabinet de Miniaturas" was created.(4)

Ever since I was acknowledged in Bogota as a miniature painter, strange things have happened. The director of the collections and exhibition, Mrs. Beatriz Gonzalez, is a highly esteemed expert for paintings of Espinosa Prieto. She also knows my technique very well and can distinguish between "Prieto" and "Viassone".

The billionaire Maury Bromsen, a great connoisseur, biographer, and collector of documents and pictures from Simon Bolivar in North- America, donated a part of his collection to the John Carter Brown Library in Providence (Rhode Island) , because he has no heirs and is over 80 years old.(5)

Before he could give this donation to the library, an expertise had to be done. Six miniatures belong to that collection, which has a value of billions of dollars. Mr. Bromsen bought these "originals" of the painters Meucci, Legros, and Espinosa, 1967 at a Parke Bernet auction in New York. The house of Parke Bernet prides itself in selling only originals. Mr. Bromsen paid 1.200 $ per miniature and kept all six of them with all the other documents in his own museum in Boston. Before the expertise the miniatures were estimated with 40.000 $ per piece.

Together with professor Carlos Duarte, director of the Museo de Arte Colonial of Caracas, Beatriz Gonzalez was invited as an expert to Providence. Mrs. Gonzales directly recognized, that the miniatures could not have been from the ancient masters, but from me, Marisa Schmitt- Viassone.

Naturally, there was a big scandal and in February 2000 I was invited by the John Carter Brown Library to verify, that the miniatures were really made by me. I was lucky as I had kept the pre-drawings for them and I was able to bring evidence. This earned me a lot of recognition as a miniature painter.

To sell my miniatures as originals, Mr. Bustillo had glued an authentic piece of old paper onto the back and added a false date in ancient letters, to prove the date of origin. Then he invented a story of the source of these miniatures and consequently made the counterfeit perfect so he was able to sell my miniatures as originals.

In Venezuela there was another big collection of Simon Bolivar. An "opponent" of Maury Bromsen, Mr. Alfredo Boulton, had also assembled a collection of Simon Bolivar. The collection of Mr. Boulton was known as the biggest collection in South America. The director of Bogota, Mrs. Gonzalez, told me already in 1993, that in this collection there were also some of my miniatures. But as long as Mr. Boulton was alive, there was no possibility to see his collection.