General Francisco de Paula Santander (1792-1840)

Vice-President under Bolívar and father of the nation of New Granada, now Colombia. This well-executed miniature by Marisa Schmitt-Viassone (b. Turin Italy, 1938) is an exact copy of an original work by the great Colombian artist José María Espinosa (1796-1883), now owned by the Museo Nacional de Colombia in Bogota. Watercolour on ivory, painted 1960s.
(9/ 00-128) Gift of Maury A. Bromsen

Simón Bolívar in Profile

This miniature is a close copy, by Marisa Schmitt-Viassone (b. Turin, Italy, 1938), of an original by the Italian artist Antonio Meucci, now in the collection of Carmen Aida Zuloaga. It depicts Bolívar in 1830, shortly before the Liberator's death. Watercolour on ivory, in an oval gold frame, painted 1960s. Purchased by Mr. Bromsen at a Parke-Bernet auction in New York City XI/29/1967.
(11/ 00-130) Gift of Maury A. Bromsen